Flip chart paper is expensive – typically ranging from $30 to $40 for about 25 sheets.  It’s convenient for sure and is a staple in any facilitator’s toolbox.  Let’s face it…we all love our flip charts and markers.

I was in target a few weeks back and noticed a roll of banner paper that was $7.99.  I bought a roll and used the paper to create a board on a wall for my team (since sticky notes stick much better to paper than a wall).  It worked great so I’m thinking of using it when I need to post things on the wall rather than the expensive flip chart paper.

The other cool thing about using banner paper for facilitation is that you are no longer limited to the rectangle shape of the flip chart paper.  If I needed to, I could literally have a 2 x 10 foot section.  That could prove super handy when story mapping or perhaps for some retrospective exercises.  And when the meeting is over, just roll it up.