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There Are No Hiding Places in Agile

A Scrum value is OPENNESS and one of the Scrum pillars is TRANSPARENCY.  I was thinking lately about whether or not there are limits to how open and transparent a team should be. Part of what made me think of this was hearing a ScrumMaster say in conversation that what is in JIRA (or Rally, VersionOne, etc.) is “private” …meaning only the team would have access to it. Continue reading “There Are No Hiding Places in Agile”

The Happiness Question

Are you happy?

How many times in your life have you been asked this simple question? How many times have you asked it of others? How many times have you asked it of yourself?

Are you happy…at you job?…in your relationship?…where you live?

How often have you said yes? How often have you said no? Continue reading “The Happiness Question”

We Learn from Each Other

I often spent time thinking about what makes great organizations “great”…and the other day I had a sort of revelation that I thought was worth sharing.  It’s a characteristic of strong organizations that I hadn’t really thought of before and doesn’t typically show up on the standard list of things organizations should strive for.  Continue reading “We Learn from Each Other”

Alignment = Purpose = Motivation

Leaders in the Federal government (and many private sector firms as well) likely feel that their ability to motivate employees is limited because they don’t have a big awards or training budget (or any). They may also be worried that their employees’ are looking elsewhere for employment because Congress hasn’t approved a pay increase in several years. It’s important to realize that while bonuses, training classes, and pay raises are no doubt important for attracting and retaining a workforce…those things don’t provide the DAY TO DAY motivation needed to accomplish amazing things at work. Continue reading “Alignment = Purpose = Motivation”

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