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The Super Agile Satchel

This past July I wrote a blog post entitled “Agile Attaché or Coach’s Companion or Super Agile Satchel” about the agile facilitation kit I created in early 2016.  This post serves as opportunity to share the cool things that have happened since I wrote that initial blog post and an update on the Super Agile Satchel, as it’s now officially called. Continue reading “The Super Agile Satchel”

Agile Adoption Board

A few months ago, I started coaching a team as they began their journey from waterfall to Agile.  One technique I employed was an information radiator that I named the Agile Adoption Board.  It worked out well, so I wanted to share the idea. Continue reading “Agile Adoption Board”

10 Retrospectives

I’ve been interviewing ScrumMaster candidates lately and I like to ask about retrospective techniques.  Specifically, I ask the candidate “what types of retrospective techniques do you use for a new team as they adopt the Scrum framework?  Do you have any favorites?”  I ask this question for 3 reasons: Continue reading “10 Retrospectives”

Sprint Schedule Template

One the templates I’ve used most often as a ScrumMaster is a PowerPoint sprint schedule.  This tool is particularly useful for teams that are newly adopting Scrum.  Here are some examples of how I’ve used it… Continue reading “Sprint Schedule Template”

Agile Attaché or Coach’s Companion or Super Agile Satchel

I used to carry my facilitation tools (markers, stickies, etc.) around with me in a plastic shopping bag.  While at my desk, a pile like this one usually began to form and occasionally toppled over.  Typically, it was much more disheveled than the one in the picture, but you get the idea.  Perhaps you can relate. Continue reading “Agile Attaché or Coach’s Companion or Super Agile Satchel”

There Are No Hiding Places in Agile

A Scrum value is OPENNESS and one of the Scrum pillars is TRANSPARENCY.  I was thinking lately about whether or not there are limits to how open and transparent a team should be. Part of what made me think of this was hearing a ScrumMaster say in conversation that what is in JIRA (or Rally, VersionOne, etc.) is “private” …meaning only the team would have access to it. Continue reading “There Are No Hiding Places in Agile”

Five Signs That It’s Time to Ditch Your IT Roadmap

First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of roadmaps as information radiators for projects, programs, or the enterprise.  If done well, communicating large amounts of information in a beautifully simple set of boxes, text, and lines is nothing short of art.  However, done poorly and you’ve got yourself a multi-colored, pain-in-the-neck to update, distraction. Continue reading “Five Signs That It’s Time to Ditch Your IT Roadmap”

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